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Planning a Quick Getaway to Tie the Knot

Planning to Elope or Have an Accelerated Timeline?

Congratulations! You’re getting married! Now the planning for your big day begins. Some love everything about planning for that special day: the dress, bow ties, gorgeous floral arrangements and most importantly, the gathering of friends and family. But we think it’s safe to say that everyone who has ever planned a wedding has had a moment where they’ve thought, “Why don’t we just elope?” For those who’d rather get away to say “I do” or are looking to quickly tie the knot, perhaps the only element that surpasses the ooh’s and ah’s of wedding planning is the thought of them and their significant other finally making a commitment to each other – something that doesn’t require a grandiose event.

Perhaps you’re looking to save a few bucks or you’d prefer a more intimate moment. Maybe you and your fiancé are a spontaneous duo looking to keep the excitement alive. Whatever your reason for simplifying this Summer, New Orleans serves as the perfect back drop for your wedding day. Whether it’s a six-week or a six-month engagement, by choice or circumstance, we’ve got you covered. So laissez les bons temps rouler!

Here’s how to plan your quick Big Easy wedding:

The key to ensuring a successful day is planning, without a doubt. “Planning a wedding in a short time frame can become overwhelming if you’re not organized from the beginning,” says Janique and Censaray with Lah Di Dah Design & Events. We’d have to agree and it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Determine your budget and date.

    Summer in New Orleans can be hot in more ways than one. With the season comes scorching temps but even hotter deals. Fewer travelers venture to the Big Easy in hopes of beating the heat and humidity, making summer wedding costs considerably lower than other peak times of the year. Take an early look at the funds you have available for your wedding. Once you decide your limit, you can figure out how much you’d like to spend on items you may need or want for the big day. Janique and Censaray also suggest “selecting a date during an off season or a day that’s less popular.”

  2. Choose your wedding style and venue.

    As a city that celebrates love, the Big Easy is bustling with picture-perfect venues. Thinking of going the rustic route or would you prefer something more modern? This city is filled with everything from elegant hotels to romantic courtyards – eagerly embracing the excitement of a quick or pop-up wedding. Janique and Censaray would like future newlyweds to note that, “Because of the short time frame, many wedding venues may have limited availability.” Adding that the best thing couples can do is to “remain flexible.” But don’t fret: if you aren’t able to secure your first choice, there is always something available in New Orleans. The key is to keep an open mind.

  3. Secure the details.

    Now is the time to dot your I’s and cross your T’s. Everyone’s checklist will be different but just be sure to double check that the things on your list are covered. Will you have rings, flowers, and a cake? Are your vendors on the same page as you? These are things you should finalize before saying “I do.” Before rushing to the altar make sure to also handle all of your legal obligations. This includes locking into the officiant presiding over your ceremony and obtaining the marriage license. But legalities aside, Janique and Censaray want you to know that eloping or having a quick ceremony can provide an advantage. After all, “you’ll be marrying the love of your life!”

Just remember: New Orleans is a city unlike any other and weddings are no exception.

Its fabled streets invite you to explore its deep-rooted traditions, indulge in its mouthwatering cuisine and dance your days and nights away. So journey down to the Big Easy for your elopement or accelerated wedding – bringing with you an attitude of adventure, the love of your life, a hearty appetite and, of course, your dancing shoes.

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