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Beat the Heat: Summer Wedding Tips from Local Experts

Summer in New Orleans is a season filled with scorching days and nights but don’t let the heat wave allow your stress levels to rise. We’ve teamed up with local experts to give you the summer’s top tips for your Big Easy wedding! So, don’t sweat it – simply use this guide to find the do’s and don’ts for your upcoming nuptials.

Do provide heat relief.

Sarah Hall from Joel’s Catering says, “Circulate! It’s amazing what a little shade and a fan can do to cool things down. If you’re event is covered, just add a few standing fans (or even a Louisiana favorite – the swamp cooler) and if it’s out in the sun, consider a little cooling station under a tent with fans and iced tea/water. Personal fans are also a nice touch to let guests know you appreciate them.”

Don’t overlook sun protection.

If you’d like to have an outdoor wedding, consider your guests. Perhaps, throw in a complimentary bottle of sunscreen with your wedding favors. We received a special tip straight from the lips of local experts at Joel’s Catering who echoed our sentiments, stating, “too much sun exposure can result in feeling sluggish and feeling sluggish can put a damper on the fun. Offer guests sample-size sunscreen, pass around a basket of funny or personalized sun glasses or hats to help shade your guests from the sun.”

Do serve up some refreshing fare.

PHOTOGRAPHER: Sarah Becker | Snoball Vendor for My House Social


My House Social specializes in curating custom menus and can bring in the best treats to beat the heat! Who doesn’t love a good sno-ball, daiquiri or kombucha? Our friends at Joel’s Catering also suggest making sure “your guests have access to plenty of cool, non-alcoholic fluids with self-serve spa water stations near the restrooms, next to the bar and definitely near the dance floor.” Don’t forget the sweet treats! Nothing says a New Orleans wedding like pralines from New Orleans Famous Praline Company.

Don’t overindulge in heavy foods.

Here’s a little food for thought: skip the steak, opt for salad. Sarah Hall from Joel’s Catering adds that, “when the temperatures rise, guests tend to mistake thirst for hunger and overindulge. Make sure your menu features lighter fare that’s easier to digest on hot days. Some of my favorites are Tomato Burrata Pesto Salad, Grilled Watermelon and Chilled Corn Soup.”

PHOTOGRAPHER: Jessica Burke for NOW | Messina’s Catering

Do keep your cake in mind.

With rising temperatures can come drippy frosting and bulging fondant but don’t fret: you can avoid a cake meltdown. “Even if it’s in air conditioning (which it should be) it’s still exposed to heat during transit,” says Sarah Hall of Joel’s Catering. “So picking the right kind of filling and frosting (avoid buttercream and whipped cream for sure) is important, or maybe having a faux cake for display and cutting with sheet cake distributed from the kitchen.”

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