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Gourmet Po-Boys_Spring 2015

For this feature, Executive Chef Mark Springfloat of Pigeon Caterers created this decadent offering of gourmet Po-Boys marrying the tradition of this historical sandwich with style and ingredients fitting for today’s New Orleans weddings.


In 1929, the New Orleans streetcar employees went on strike after an intense contract negotiation. Two former streetcar workers, Bennie and Clovis Martin, who were now owners of a sandwich shop, promised to help their former colleagues, and to do so, they fed them each day for free.

When the strikers would enter the sandwich shop the call would go out: “Here comes another poor boy!” Eventually, the sandwich was named “poor boy” after the strikers and is known today as the Po-Boy.

Bison Slider: Bison patty with smoked cheddar and pickled red onion on a slider bun


Lobster Roll: Boiled lobster with lumpfish caviar and flat leaf parsley on a roll


Banh Mi: Sliced roasted pork with cucumber, julienne carrots, cilantro leaves, jalapeno slices and Sriracha on a baguette


Escargot Po-Boy: Top sliced po-boy bread with snails, sliced garlic and parsley


Fried Green Tomato Po-boy: Boiled shrimp, green tomatoes and arugla with remoulade


Brie + Apple Wood Bacon Po-boy: Bacon slices, soft brie, caramelized onion on sourdough


Mini Oyster Club: Fried oysters, bacon slices, spinach leaves and Crystal aioli on sliced po-boy bread


Grilled Chicken on Foccacia: Sliced chicken breast, thick pesto layer, provolone cheese, roasted red pepper on Focaccia


Duck Po-boy: Pulled duck, bacon and creole slaw

Would you serve these gourmet po-boys at your wedding or event? What other gourmet po-boys have you tried? Tell us in the comments below or on our Facebook post!

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Credits: Gourmet Po-Boys: Pigeon Caterers | “There is nothing a po-boy can’t fix” sign: Fleurty Girl Stores | Photos: Jessica Burke for NOW

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Jennifer Vogel was raised in Metairie, LA. Now living in Ohio, she still draws from her New Orleans roots for inspiration in her work. Jennifer freelances in web design / development, graphic design and, now, writing for New Orleans Weddings Magazine.

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