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CHIAROSCURO {Haunting Contrasts}

chiaroscuro: noun

1:  pictorial representation in terms of light and shade without regard to color

2a  :  the arrangement or treatment of light and dark parts in a pictorial work of art

2b  :  the interplay or contrast of dissimilar qualities (as of mood or character)

(cited from

From the publisher:

The idea for this editorial began as we planned our October features. I knew I wanted to do something spooky but elegant for Halloween.

I wanted to explore ideas of dark and light, haunting and etherial, earthly and otherworldly, old and new. The simple explanation of this editorial is that it’s a study of contrasts.

With this in mind, I decided it would be important to remove the distraction of color and work entirely in black and white. The gowns and jewelry needed to also reflect the concept of contrasts: darker and gothic for one and lighter and etherial for the other. To “marry” our contrasting looks, we asked Meggan Dupre Ory (Makeup by Meggan) to create an illuminated look that would pair well with both our dark and light concepts.

When considering possible sites to shoot, I knew that The Monastery on North Rampart would be the perfect location. The 138 year old historical venue once served as home to Carmelite nuns and now is being converted to an events venue under the oversight and management of Pigeon Caterers. The Monastery’s history paired with its renewed purpose made it the unquestioned location for my study of contrasts.


PHOTOGRAPHER: Jessica The Photographer | VIDEO: Ashley Marks Media | ON LOCATION: The Monastery | GOWNS: Pearl’s Place | JEWELRY: Kendra Scott | MAKEUP: Makeup by Meggan | MODEL: Miranda Abney


Miranda is wearing the Andrina Choker Necklace, Katrina Statement Earrings, and Cole Bracelet and Electra Cuff Bracelet by Kendra Scott with the dreamy Miriam gown by Willowby Watters (available at Pearl’s Place).


Miranda is wearing Kendra Scott’s Seraphina Statement Necklace in Midnight, Isadora Statement Earrings in Midnight, Tatum Bangle Set in Hematite and Boyd Cocktail Ring in Black Drusy.


For our “dark” look, we chose a long sleeve, fitted Jovani gown (available at Pearl’s Place) paired with jewelry from Kendra Scott’s Winter 2016 collection.



For this final look, we added a sheer, organza cape.


Ashley Marks of Ashley Marks Media created this perfect (and quite haunting!) video editorial as part of our feature. See this feature in motion – Click play below!

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