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A wedding cake is the universally served creative confection for all weddings. You deserve to have a cake that is not only delicious, but one that you both will remember forever. Luckily, today, artistic bakers are creating cakes as edible art.

Many couples still go with the traditional-looking wedding cake, but inside this wonderful package might be surprises, such as non-traditional cake flavors and fillings. You can have whatever kind of cake you want!


Wedding of Brandi Fortune and Michael Bordenave
PHOTOGRAPHER: Ashford-Halley Studios



The number of wedding cake designs is endless. Almost anything is possible. As you begin your search for the ultimate wedding cake, expect to see creations you never imagined; cakes resembling beautiful geodes, mirror glaze finishes that shine, and just about anything you can imagine. You will see cakes that you can’t envision actually slicing.

Your cake should coordinate with the rest of your wedding. The wedding cake decision should be made after you have made the decisions about the dress style, theme, and reception décor. These basic decisions can serve as a guideline for the design of your wedding cake. Along with your baker, create a cake that will be a beautiful part of your wedding, not a sideshow.





One of the hardest decisions can be the selection of the flavor. You might consider a multi-flavored cake. This is a wonderful option if you want to give your guests diversity. Consider seasonal possibilities paired with more traditional flavors. Or even different layers featuring each of your favorite flavors. The texture and flavor of the cake is important so when you’re out shopping don’t hesitate to ask for samples of cake flavors.

A question often asked is, should you serve dessert in addition to the wedding cake? Experts will say that there’s no absolute rule. Some brides do serve dessert in addition to their cake, especially if their budget is not an issue. But extra dessert is in no way mandatory. The wedding cake is created to eat, even though you hate to see such a beautiful work of art sliced. Most couples expect them to be the main dessert. You might even consider serving a small wedding cake as a part of an extravagant dessert rather than as the main dessert. Individual wedding cakes for each guest are in vogue. Non-traditional options like Macaroon towers, wedding pies, and more are also available!


PHOTOGRAPHER: Marissa Lambert



Begin shopping for the wedding cake six months to a year before the date, even earlier if you’ve envisioning a truly unique cake, if the bakery you have chosen is very popular, or if you are being married in a peak season. Make sure that you are familiar with the style and quality of the chef’s work before you sign your contract.

When shopping for the perfect cake artist, come prepared.  Be sure to bring all the specifics about the size and type of wedding your are having, as well as information about the reception location, room décor, ceiling height, temperature, lighting, linens, and wedding colors. Also have the names and numbers of your caterer, florist, wedding planner, and anyone else the baker may wish to contact in order to consult and coordinate the details and delivery.

Most importantly, interview bakers in person, ask lots of questions, bring photographs of designs that you like, and then determine if they are qualified to create the impression you are looking for. As you check out their portfolio, make sure that you are looking at cakes that they have actually made personally, and not just pictures in magazines and books. Magazines and books are great for exciting ideas, but you need to see the baker’s actual workmanship and level of proficiency. It is your responsibility to find the perfect cake designer, but it is your designer’s responsibility to grasp your dreams and make them a reality.

Woops! Riverwalk



Wedding cakes are usually priced per slice. But the baker determines what the per slice charge will be. When you place your order and make your deposit, get a written agreement or contract that specifies the kind of cake, filling and frosting, the number of people it will serve, the design details you have agreed upon, and the delivery date, time, and procedure. Also, put in writing any additional fees or rental charges, and ask how the final payment is to be made and when.

For many brides, a wedding cake is a major part of their reception. There are hundreds of alternative and fun ideas for wedding cake designs that will surprise and delight all of your guests. Find an expert here to create the perfect wedding cake. The cake may be the only thing that you have a chance to sit down and eat the entire day, so make sure it’s delicious and an amazingly, sweet, sweet selection.

PHOTOGRAPHER: North Photography



  • How many years have you been in business?
  • Do you have references?
  • May I see your portfolio?
  • Have you made all of the cakes in your portfolio yourself?
  • Do you charge additional for each layer of the cake being different flavors?
  • Do you charge additional for fillings?
  • Is there a delivery fee?
  • Do you rent cake stands? If so, what is the charge and what options are available?
  • What type of retainer fee do you require?
  • When is the balance is due?
  • How soon do you bake the cake before the wedding?
  • What time will you deliver the cake on my wedding day?
  • Do you customize cakes, or do I have to pick a design in your portfolio?
  • What days are best for me to reach you?
  • Do you have cake tastings?
  • Do you specialize in any particular technique or art form?

Jennifer Vogel was raised in Metairie, LA. Now living in Ohio, she still draws from her New Orleans roots for inspiration in her work. Jennifer freelances in web design / development, graphic design and, now, writing for New Orleans Weddings Magazine.

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