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Beauty Tips for Summer Weddings

Photo credit: Ashley Marks Photography | Dazzle Doll

Planning a wedding in New Orleans between the months of June and August can often be intimidating. The scorching heat and nearly 100% humidity add an extra level of difficulty when planning every aspect. The last thing any bride wants to experience while walking down the aisle is melting makeup and humidity hair. So, we asked some local beauty experts to give us some tips on how to ensure your wedding look remains flawless from beginning to end.



Wearing makeup in 90+ degree heat can be challenging. The moment you step outside on a New Orleans summer day, the beads of sweat begin to drip, taking your carefully applied rouge and eyeliner down with it. To help minimize a makeup meltdown on your wedding day, follow these simple steps.

 “A good skincare routine will mean your makeup lays beautifully on the skin, and even prevents excess oil or dryness from occurring!” – Mallory from Tracy Branch Agency

  • PREP IT –The first thing you should think about is protecting your skin from the summer sun. Using a light moisturizer with UV protection each day will not only leave your skin feeling hydrated and fresh, it will help prevent an undesirable wedding day peel as well. You can apply this immediately after washing your face, allowing it to set for a few minutes before moving on to your makeup. Oh, and don’t forget to moisturize your lips as well! Mallory suggests “using a lip conditioner instead of a chapstick. This way the moisture goes into the lips to prevent flaking/drying and even assisting your lip color in lasting longer!”
  • APPLY IT –Ann Marie, from Dazzle Doll, has found that the key to summer wedding makeup is to “set, set, set!” She describes her process of “baking” as the absolute “best way to stop unwanted shine and keep your face in place.” After applying your foundation and concealer, “take a damp beauty blender and pick up a generous amount of translucent powder. Pack on the powder under your eye, and throughout the T zone focusing on the areas of the face to highlight. As this blanket of powder sits on your face, the warmth of your own skin will actually use the powder to form a barrier to lock your makeup perfectly into place. When you dust away the excess powder, the results are sheer perfection… literally!”For those that prefer not to use powder, our friends at Tracy Branch Agency suggest blotting sheets as a great alternative because they “work amazing at soaking up excess oil!”
PHOTOGRAPHER: Ann Marie from Dazzle Doll
  • SET IT – According to Mallory, “A bridal makeup artist’s unsung hero is a barrier spray. Used in film, tv and theatre, these create a physical barrier over your makeup keeping heat, humidity and moisture from affecting it. Just a healthy spray once your makeup is finished will do the trick.”
  • AIRBRUSH – Some brides and makeup artists opt for airbrush makeup over traditional. Mallory and Tracy do find that it “holds up a little better when you start to sweat. It offers great coverage without all of the layers, so you don’t feel like you are about to melt it all off.” Talk to your makeup artist to see which will work best for you on your big day!

Hair Styles:

Anyone who has spent a summer in New Orleans knows what kind of havoc the humidity can wreak on a hairstyle. But don’t sweat it! Just follow these tips and you will be walking down that aisle in frizz-free confidence!

  • UP OR DOWN? – When the option to go up isn’t possible, Janique and Censaray Bardell from La Di Dah Events remind us that “there are some trending hairstyles that are just perfect for summer. Pixie cuts, short hairstyles and blunt bangs are very popular right now” and can really help you beat the heat.For our longer haired brides, Tracy says that “although the long, loose, romantic wave look is so in, when the temps and the humidity take charge your best bet is to pull your hair up and off of your back.”


  • Ann Marie agrees and explains that she loves an updo that is “anything but basic.” For an up-style that stands out, she suggests “going for a vintage flair with a high updo,” or a style that “adds volume to the crown, texture, or braiding.”
    PHOTOGRAPHER: Ann Marie from Dazzle Doll

    But what about those brides that prefer to wear their long hair down?

    “Typically I would advise against a down style during the hottest months but, for some brides, down is the only way they feel like themselves.” – Ann Marie from Dazzle Doll

    Ann Marie suggests that “if this is you, start with a tighter curl or set to allow your curls to fall. You could do a style to the side so that your back and neck can breathe, or a half up to keep the front and crown area pinned into place.”

    Ashley Marks Photography | Dazzle Doll


  • PREP IT – Prior to your big day, there are steps you can take that will prepare your hairstyle for the harsh summer elements. Use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner to help prevent dry, fly-away hair. On the day of the wedding, Tracy says to “have your stylist use a blow-out primer or a product with a humidity protectant in it to prep your hair. Prep with products on damp hair and then blow out smooth before styling.” Her favorites right now are the Awapuhi Wild Ginger Blowout Spray by Paul Mitchell or the Body Builder Mousse by Kevin Murphy.
  • SET IT –  According to Tracy, you should “use another humidity resistant hairspray to hold your look into place. A medium hold is best so that it doesn’t weigh the hair down or make it look like a helmet.” She suggests “HOLD ME TIGHT by Paul Mitchell or the Awapuhi Finishing Spray, topped with a little Awapuhi Wild Ginger shine spray to seal it and keep everything looking soft.”


Nude color palettes are really trending this summer! To achieve this more natural look La Di Dah suggests using “a light colored eyeshadow with a touch of shimmer to make your eyes pop!” A pale blush or light bronzer will add just the right amount of highlight to your cheekbones without being overpowering. To incorporate a bit of color into your bridal look, try pairing a bold lipstick with your nude palette for a fun, summery pop or keep things simple with a pale pink.


Buff Bash by Native

For your nails, consider Buff Bash from Native Girls. It is a shimmery silver designed exclusively for Buff Beauty Bar that will add some beautiful flair to a simple summer gown. Go Cup is also a fabulous summer option, doubling as a bride’s “something blue”.

Go Cup by Native

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