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Bachelorette Parties – Uptown New Orleans Bar Edition

Bachelorette Parties – “Where Ya Girls At?”

So, it’s your girl’s bachelorette party, her big day is just around the corner and you find yourself in New Orleans – the mega of bachelorette parties – and you need to know the absolute best places to go to celebrate her last days of singlehood?

Well, if you’re looking for that traditional tourist experience – then, of course, your answer is Bourbon Street…. BUT, if you’re wondering where the locals go, the answer will depend on where that local lives. Does this local live in the Bywater? Does this local live in Mid City? Does this local live in the CBD? Does this local live Uptown?

For sake of this article, let’s say the local lives Uptown – because we love Uptown and we want to start there!

So, like any other night on the town with your girls, the overall plan is to start light and end things on the wilder side… so we will categorize the following bars by vibes:

Chill Vibes – best way to start the night:

1. St. Joe’s Bar – 5535 Magazine Street – Home to the most delicious blueberry mojitos.

2. The Delachaise– 3442 St. Charles Ave.– Our favorite wine bar… Mostly because – where else can you eat pommes frites, mussels, and cheese plates while observing the St. Charles Streetcar and partake in the most amazing people watching.

3. Bouligny Tavern – 3641 Magazine Street – If you’re into fancy cocktails, fine dining, quality small plates and table service… this is the place for you. (If it’s a nice night, get there early to get a good table in the courtyard!)

Y’all are ready to step it up… but just by a notch:

4. Balcony Bar & Café – 3201 Magazine Street – This two-story neighborhood pub has the best views of Magazine Street, which alone makes it worth your while.

5. The Columns Hotel– 3811 St. Charles Ave. – A Classic New Orleans Mansion built in 1883 with a large front patio overlooking St. Charles and an old school Victorian Lounge with plush velvet seating is the perfect place to step your game up before really hitting the town.

6. Monkey Hill – 6100 Magazine Street – If you’re in New Orleans, and it’s not Mardi Gras Season, you must get your king cake fill somehow – so, we recommend stopping by Monkey Hill for their decadent King Cake Martini… Yum!

7. Hot Tin at The Pontchatrain Hotel – 2031 St. Charles Ave- This Rooftop Bar has a 270-degree view of the Mississippi River and Downtown New Orleans… can’t imagine a better place to sip on some swanky cocktails than in this 1940s-styled establishment.

It appears you and your girls have officially gained all the liquid courage y’all need to take things to the next level – So, where to now?

8. Le Bon Temps Roule– 4801 Magazine Street – WWOZ New Orleans said it best when this described this New Orleans gem as a “neighborhood watering hole by day, world famous music club by night.” You can find the world renown Soul Rebels playing here every Thursday night. And, it’s the perfect opportunity to get off the beaten path – you won’t be served any touristy drinks here.

9. F&Ms – 4841 Tchoupitoulas Street – This bar is first and foremost known for it’s cheese fries (Yes! They are waffle fries and they are amazing!)… BUT, it’s also the perfect late-night spot because if you don’t like the music they are playing in one room of the bar, you still have one other room and a whole nother floor you can check out. You can find all kinds of jams being played here – from old school Disney songs, to the classics of the 80s, to the Top 100 hits of today.

10. Grits– 530 Lyons St. – This is where the night “should” end as it’s known for it’s long and wild weekend nights. Take notice of the interesting set up of this place while you’re here… You may notice that while half of the patrons at the bar are playing pool and casually throwing darts, the other half of the patrons are dancing on tables and attempting to swing from rafters above the bar… Please. Be. Safe.

So, this sums up our Uptown Go-Tos for Bachelorette Parties!!! Stayed tuned as we focus in on other Nola neighborhoods!!!

*Photo Credit: adobestock/deagreez

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