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A Guide to Group Photos

Image Credit: North Photography

WEDDINGS ARE THE PERFECT CHANCE TO SCORE SOME GREAT FAMILY PHOTOS – SERIOUSLY, HOW OFTEN DOES YOUR whole family get together while they’re all dressed up AND a professional photographer is on hand? Since weddings can be very fast paced here in The Big Easy, we’ve put together some suggestions to make this process run smoothly.

Create a list of photos you want to take, who needs to be in them and the time frame they’ll be done (Before or after the ceremony? During the reception?).

  • Be sure to tell anyone you’d like to be in formal photos well in advance about when and where they’ll need to be for pictures.
  • Consider appointing a “photo coordinator” who knows who everyone is (you know Aunt Sally would just love this job!). Have them be responsible for reminding everyone of the schedule the day before and be on hand to make sure no one is missing when the photographer snaps the picture.
  • Keep in mind that a good photographer will need an average of 3 minutes to pose and photograph each grouping. This means 10 groups could take 30 minutes or more to photograph. Be sure to allot enough time for the number of photos you want to take or pare down the list to fit the time you have available.
  • Try to schedule your photos as early as possible before everyone starts partying. It can take much longer to collect a large group once they’ve scattered at the wedding reception.

Take a look at our trusted list of New Orleans wedding photographers and plan for that perfect group photo!

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