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The Beauty Cheat Sheet: A guide to preparing for the “Big Day”

SO THE TEARS HIT THE FLOOR, the ring slides on your finger and your wedding fairy tale begins. Sort of.  

Not long after becoming engaged, most brides-to-be start realizing that their next full-time job has begun, which is planning for that perfect production, the wedding. 

The star of that production is you. All eyes will be on you that day – from the tiara on your head to the tip of your heels. You will need to absolutely glow and stun your friends, family, and fiancé(e). 

Enter panic thoughts — Do you have time to hit the gym to try to contour your body to the shape you want it on your wedding day? How will that dress fit? Is your face camera ready? 

Enter the solution: The Sculpting Center of New Orleans – powered by Ochsner Health System – is a one-stop shop of glamour solutions for the big day. So in addition to your checklist of wedding cake, flowers, and photographer, you will need a checklist of beauty prep for the big day. 



6 months out: 

  • Begin With the Skin: You can’t start exfoliating a week before the big day. It takes months to get your skin prepped to glow before you walk down the aisle. The Sculpting Center offers complete skin care regimes based on your skin type and needs.  
  • Fat Be Gone! Meet with our medical experts to target areas of fat on your body you want eliminated before the big day. The Sculpting Center offers non-invasive fat removal – Coolsculpting – a state of the art, safe, non-surgical fat freezing procedure that requires no down time. You can remove up to 20% of your fat store in a trouble area in one visit. After three months, you can remove another 20% from the spot for that perfect body contour. 

3 months out: 

  • Contour your body. Once your body has expelled 20% of the fat store in one area, a follow-up visit will literally contour your body into your ideal shape to complement your dream dress. You can remove in total from the two treatments in one area – 40% of the fat stored in a trouble spot. Can’t you just hear that wedding dress zipper smoothly sliding up to reveal your best self on the big day?! 

1 month out: 

  • Smooth your face. About 4 weeks from wedding day is the ideal time to get that last Botox treatment to smooth out that forehead crease or any signs of crow’s feet around the eyes. It’s also the right time to get lip fillers – after all, you will be sealing the biggest day of your life with those lips in the “you may now kiss your bride” moment! Be ready, the Sculpting Center has got you! 
  • ‘Peel’ the stress. About 3-4 weeks from wedding day, you will want to do a Med Spa peel to remove toxins and dead skin from the surface of your face. It forces those new, young skin cells that create the glow effect – a must have when the cameras are snapping and the wedding bells are ringing.[Text Wrapping Break][Text Wrapping Break][Text Wrapping Break][Text Wrapping Break]1 week out: 
  • ‘Plane’ Talk–  It’s crunch time now for your skin. We can’t have any unwanted hair or residual dry skin on the wedding day. Dermaplane is a perfect solution a week out. It’s similar to microdermabrasion, but also removes the vellus hair (peach fuzz) thus revealing a baby smooth complexion.  
  • Face out! A gentle, moisturizing facial puts the proverbial icing on the wedding cake when it comes to wedding day beauty. It’s the last touch in the regime to stun your guests – and the love of your life at the end of the aisle. 


Learn more about The Sculpting Center of New Orleans at 


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