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New Orleans Summer Wedding Fashion

Photo Credit: Megan Crawford Photography | Seersucker Suit: John’s Tuxedos


One of the hardest things for a bride to concede on is her wedding gown. So many women fall in love with their dress without considering the time of year that they will be getting married in. It isn’t until they are sweating during their fittings (in full air conditioning) that reality sets in. Suddenly, those neck to floor beads, long, heavy train and layers upon layers of organza, silk and tulle might not seem like such a great idea. If you have the option, consider taking things down a degree (or 30) if you are getting married in a hot time of year. You can still have elegance and glamour without sacrificing your comfort.


PHOTOGRAPHER: Stacy Marks Photography


When possible, summer brides should opt for minimal layers, minimal arm coverage and a lightweight, breathable veil… or maybe even no veil at all. Choose a material that is airy and flows freely when you walk, allowing for more air circulation. Silk, organza and chiffon are great options!


PHOTOGRAPHER: Marissa Lambert


If you dream of wearing a full-bodied, “poofy” dress, consider gowns with a few layers of organza and tulle on the outside of the skirt. With this style, you can achieve your desired look without weighing yourself down in the extra layers it takes to “poof up” a heavier, outer material.


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For a daytime or outdoor wedding, short dresses are the absolute best way to keep things cool.


PHOTOGRAPHY: Images by Robert T


If the above options are not possible, remember these tips to keep the sweat under control. Allow for extra “breaks” from the heat. If the wedding and/or reception are being held outdoors, make sure there is an air-conditioned room that you can retreat to as often as needed. Have extra wet wipes and towels on hand to dab and cool your skin. Keep your hairdresser and makeup artist close by for the occasional touch up. And, most importantly, drinks lots and lots of water!

Finally, don’t forget about your bridesmaids! You also need to give them options that are conducive to summer weather. Cotton and silk are two great materials to choose from. Top either of those with an elegant lace for pure femininity and beauty without the extra weight. And, when appropriate, knee-length dresses are always an appreciated option.


PHOTOGRAPHER: Desiree Watkins Photography

For Grooms/Groomsmen

The thought of wearing a full tuxedo or suit in the summer New Orleans heat is enough to make any groom want to elope! Luckily, there are some options that will keep our gentlemen feeling cool while looking dashing on the big day!

If you are from New Orleans, you are more than likely familiar with a popular Southern staple… the seersucker suit. When this style first came to New Orleans in 1909, it quickly grew in popularity because it was an ideal choice for our hot, humid weather. The thin, cotton material is woven in such as way that keeps the material away from the skin, allowing for maximum air circulation and heat dissipation. For a more casual event, consider seersucker shorts paired with a seersucker jacket! Stop by John’s Tuxedos in Metairie or New Orleans to get a one on one feel for the seersucker. Warning: you may be hooked for life!


John’s Tuxedos | PHOTOGRAPHER: Desiree Watkins Photography


Another great alternative for the summer groom is a classic linen suit. Made from fibers of the flax plant, linen suits are the go-to fabric for summer events around the globe. Known for its lightweight, breathable fabric and natural texture, linen suits are the perfect way for men to keep their cool without giving up their style.

Final Thought:

When it comes to a wedding in New Orleans, in the middle of the summer, one thing is pretty much guaranteed no matter what dress or suit you wear… you are going to sweat. This makes a good deodorant a must have. But no matter how much thought and preparation you put into your wedding attire’s style, material and color, deodorant marks are just one of those things we don’t typically think about until it is too late. Well, we are here to remind you to think about it.

To avoid deodorant disasters, the most important thing you can do is not overdo it. Apply in thin layers to prevent clumping and bring your deodorant with you so that you can reapply as needed throughout the day/evening. You should also opt for an invisible solid or spray deodorant when possible. These tend to be less obvious than, say, a white solid. No matter what type of deodorant you choose to use, wait a few minutes after applying before getting dressed to allow time for your skin to absorb it. Or, after applying, you can wear a different shirt (preferably short sleeves) while getting your hair and makeup done. The shirt will take on any extra deodorant that you may have applied, minimizing the amount that gets transferred to your dress.

The Bottom Line:

When planning a New Orleans wedding during the summer, never feel like you have to sacrifice style for comfort. Everyone wants to look amazing on their wedding day… nobody wants to faint from the heat. The most important thing you can do is plan accordingly no matter what your dress or suit is made of. Give yourself time for “cool downs” and look into an extra fan or two. Plan for makeup and hair touchups before taking pictures. Stay hydrated, keep cool and have the most amazing day ever!


PHOTOGRAPHER: Eau Claire Photographics

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