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Images by Robert T.

Modern Marie Antoinette-inspired fashion editorial. Photo: Images by Robert T
PHOTOGRAPHER: Images by Robert T.

Trent began his career behind the lens at a young age working with his photographer father photographing weddings galore but also sports stars and other commercial work in Tampa Bay, Florida.

He obtained his degree in photography and at the young age of eighteen, had already begun receiving national and state awards for his images.

With the many years of experience, Trent has made a name for himself in South Louisiana as a photographer flexible enough to produce cutting-edge commercial images for web sites, brochures and advertising material and heart-warming memories for families during the special milestones of their life.

When a couple allows me to photograph their wedding, I become a part of their life, For as long as they live, they will look at the pictures of their wedding and remember the photographer who took them. For that long, I remain a part of their life story, that’s what makes my job rewarding.

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