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Legendary Weddings at Rosy’s Jazz Hall {Sponsored Post}

A Legend is Born . . .

New Orleans is known for many things… it is the annual epicenter of raucous Mardi Gras celebrations, the birthplace of Jazz music, and it has a dramatic history stretching back hundreds of years that is whispered by the historic structures across the city’s landscape.

Enamored by the beauty of the city, the lassiez faire vibe and the desire to have their own romance become a part of the city’s narrative, so many couples are drawn to New Orleans to celebrate their weddings each year.

Today we introduce you to Rosy’s Jazz Hall, the Uptown New Orleans wedding venue that was once a legendary music club. The property located at 500 Valence on the corner of Tchoupitoulas Street was originally built in 1855 and throughout the years was a residence, a neighborhood bar, and a grocery store. The most notable time in the building’s rich history was in the late 1970’s when 17 year-old heiress Rosy Wilson bought and renovated the property where she created the legendary New Orleans jazz club bearing her name. For the next three years, Rosy’s was host to the top names in jazz and popular music, such as Dizzy Gillespie, Ella Fitzgerald, Count Basie, Stevie Wonder, and many more.

In 1999, Steve Zweibaum, an accomplished pastry chef and enthusiastic New Orleans neophyte, re-opened the venue after carefully restoring the building to maintain its historic charm. In the years since, Rosy’s Jazz Hall has become a popular location for New Orleans wedding ceremonies and receptions, hosting an average of 100 weddings per year.

The venue’s warm atmosphere and rich heritage make it an ideal scene for couples to tell their New Orleans wedding stories. Both locals and couples planning destination-New Orleans weddings have fallen in love with Rosy’s.

Zweibaum notes that they host a number of wedding ceremonies at Rosy’s – both in the two-story atrium with it’s breathtaking glass wall and ceiling, exposed brick and indoor balcony, as well as in the beautiful outdoor New Orleans style courtyard that the atrium overlooks. The atrium features 2 30 foot ficus trees that bring an outdoor feel to the indoor space.


Speaking of the setting, Rosy’s boasts a number of charming details. Zweibaum’s favorites are the framed black and white photographs that grace the walls. “There are a mix of photos from Rosy’s history as a music club in the 1970s,” shares Zweibaum. “The large format photos are the work of Herman Leonard who was a preeminent Jazz Photographer from the 1940’s and beyond. His 80th birthday party was one of the most memorable events we have held.”

Considering Zweibaum’s culinary background, it’s no surprise that the venue is known for creating award-winning menus as well. And this being New Orleans, the food has to be good. From classic comfort food like jambalaya and fried crawfish beignets to Rosy’s famous “Oysters Cordon Bleu” and New Orleans-style barbecue shrimp, Rosy’s in-house catering team creates food that your guests will be talking about for years to come. You can check out their mouth-watering menus here.

Bringing all this together is Zweibaum’s commitment to individualized care and expert coordination to make sure that every event is truly “Legendary.”

You can check learn more about Rosy’s here and here – but be sure to schedule an appointment to see Rosy’s in person!

P.S. Be sure to follow Rosy’s on Facebook and Instagram to see their legendary events unfold in your newsfeed!

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