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Do You REALLY Need Wedding Video?

Wedding “first look” at Jon Vaccari House in New Orleans.
Wedding “first look”  Photo by Studio Tran

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Written by: Jessica Burke, Publisher NOW Weddings Magazine

When it comes to prioritizing spending on weddings, many couples often find themselves asking if wedding video is something they really need to allot their precious budget to. Won’t the photos be enough? Is video *really* necessary? If you’re one of these couples, this post is for you.

The cons of hiring a wedding video pro (and your alternatives)

Cost is usually what makes most couples hit pause on the topic of hiring someone to video their wedding. Professional video is not inexpensive and can run into the thousands depending on the company you hire and the services they provide. That money has to come from somewhere, which can mean having to cut back spending someplace else.
The reason to not hire a professional videographer is quite simply if you just don’t have the money to do so.  “If there is no room in the budget, there’s no room in the budget,” says Chad Dyle of Dyle Films. “While we do our best to customize packages for couples with limited budgets, we’ve actually helped couples NOT hire us due to budget constraints. No one should go into debt to have a wedding video.”

If it’s not in the budget to hire a professional, Dyle still suggests finding a way to have some video of your wedding captured – it’s that important!


If it’s not in the budget to hire a professional, Dyle still suggests finding a way to have some video of your wedding captured – it’s that important!  – even if it’s giving your cousin your iPhone and having them record your ceremony from the sidelines. It won’t be fancy or anywhere near what a professional would produce, but it’s something and that’s definitely better than nothing. “In 40-50 years, your grandchildren really won’t care how “cinematic” Grandma’s wedding video is,  they will just be happy to be able to relive it with you and cherish it forever,” says Dyle.

The “pros” of hiring a wedding video pro

Newly married couple celebrates their announcement as “husband and wife” at their New Orleans wedding ceremony.
Newly married couple celebrates their announcement as “husband and wife” at their New Orleans wedding ceremony. Photo by Studio Tran.

Of course, it’s always safest to trust a professional with your wedding video if at all possible for a number of reasons. If you hand this responsibility off to a family member or friend, you should be prepared that they may get sidetracked in the fun of being a guest and miss important moments. And while cell phone video has come a long way, you probably won’t get great footage if the lighting is low or the person behind the camera has shaky hands, to say nothing about the audio quality.

Pros, like Dyle Films, will have the best possible audio and video equipment (and backup for that equipment) and will know when the important moments are happening so they don’t miss anything.
“We bring backup cameras for our backup cameras and have multiple microphones covering the ceremony,” says Dyle. “We also know the important shots we HAVE to get in order to tell the wedding story and when those are going to happen. We actively listen and look for the unique elements in each wedding to make the video personalized for each couple.”
Pros also know how to be unobtrusive and make sure that YOU stay the center of attention. Well intended guests might wander into the pro photographer’s shots or block other guests views of the ceremony just simply because they’re not aware of their surroundings.
“We try our best to not be intrusive or annoying,” says Dyle, “and we’ve even been called video ninjas in the past.”
Another perk of hiring a pro is that they’ll edit the footage (no shaky, dark, random clips with echo-y audio!) to create a beautiful keepsake you’ll WANT to watch over and over! This beautiful edit does take time – sometimes as much as 8-10 months depending on how in demand your videographer is – but in the end, you’ll find it’s totally worth it.
“We personally edit each wedding and don’t outsource the editing,” says Dyle. “I want to make sure we retain creative control over the finished product.”
Dyle invests a substantial amount of time selecting clips from the hours of footage he captures and curating the perfect music for the wedding highlight ‘trailers’ he creates. These trailers, like the one below, showcase key moments from each wedding timed with the music’s crescendos for maximum emotional impact.
Professional videographers, like Dyle, offer a “live edit” of your video which is a cleaned up version of the raw footage, merging the video from multiple cameras and telling your story in chronological order. Think of it as a video journal of your day. These edits are usually 1-2 hours long and, also, take time to create. If you’re worried you might feel impatient, remember that you’ll have a lifetime to watch the video and it will be worth the wait!

Click to watch Dyle Films Reel from Dyle Films on Vimeo.

What to ask before hiring a pro video company

Now before you go hiring just anyone who claims to be a professional videographer, you want to make sure you’re hiring someone reputable. Make sure you ask about the type of equipment they’ll be using (Will they have a lapel microphone to record your vows? Do they have backup equipment? Will they setup a camera on the dance floor and walk away?) and look at several samples of their work to see if you like their style. Ask about delivery timelines and if there are any things you need to do, like making music selections or providing important information, that might hold up the process. Some things, like music selections, need to be done before the editing even begins!
You also want to make sure that you actually like the person who will be filming your wedding. Have a conversation with them and get a feel for how they present themselves.
Make sure the companies you’re considering are reputable (How long have they been in business? Can they provide references?) and that you’re comparing apples to apples when it comes to packages and pricing. Ask lots of questions about what terminology means and what you’ll receive for what you’re paying.
“You’re not just hiring a photographer or videographer, you’re hiring someone to cover the most important day of your life to date,” says Dyle. “You want to make sure personalities mesh well.”

Make your memories count

The reality is there are no do-overs on your wedding. You’re investing a lot of money into this day and your photos and video will be your connections to the memories when it’s over.
“Some of the biggest advocates for hiring a professional videographer are brides who didn’t have anyone video their weddings and regret the decision,” shares Dyle. “They’ll come up to us at bridal shows often dragging their friend who’s engaged to our booth, trying to convince them not make the same mistake they did.”
If you’re on the fence at all, think about it this way: wouldn’t you love it if you could watch a video of your grandparents’ wedding, hear them say their vows, see them cut their cake and dance their first dance? Of course you would! You can bet your kids and grandkids will want to see your wedding too!

About our featured expert:

Since 2005, Chad Dyle and the Dyle Films Team have been filming weddings and crafting stunning video memories for their clients in the New Orleans area and beyond. Dyle Films creates a perfect balance of telling each wedding story in a fun and emotional way that allows their couples to live in the moment and trust that they will be able to relive their wedding day forever through their wedding video. Dyle Films has won numerous awards including Best of The Knot and has been featured in many magazines and wedding blogs such as NOW Weddings, Grace Ormonde Wedding Style, Artfully Wed and more! To check Dyle Films’ availability for your wedding date, click here

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New Orleans wedding reception sparkler exit.
New Orleans wedding reception sparkler exit. Photo by Studio Tran



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