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BEHIND THE CAMERA: Meet Wedding Photographer Anthony LaMothe

Engagement Photo by Capture Studio Photography

“I always found it important to capture life’s moments in a way of preserving that part of time that can’t be re-lived,” shares Anthony LaMothe of Capture Studio Photography. “This gives me my drive, passion and purpose to help our clients preserve those moments, which allows generations to look back and witness their family history.”

Anthony got started in photography when he was in junior high, playing around with his father’s old Polaroid and film cameras. He turned his interest into a business 14 years ago. “I am self-taught,” he shares. “I’ve learned a lot from my mistakes, which I don’t make any more,” he jokes. “I’m still learning; from new techniques to constantly trying to keep up with the new equipment that’s always coming out.”

Anthony LaMothe, Capture Studio Photography

Anthony’s style is a hybrid of documentary with a little editorial and artistic flair. “I really enjoy capturing moments as they unfold naturally. That’s what it’s about – the story and the details.” 

With this he notes how important it is to have a great connection with your photographer. “Get to know your photographer because 9 times out of 10 we want to get to know our clients too,” he shares. “It’s not just a gig for me – it’s about rapport and the connection.” This rapport helps your photographer and all your vendors know what’s important to you and to do a better job. “If your personalities don’t jive, it’s not really a good fit.”

Anthony loves working with clients who are open to creative suggestions and ideas and appreciate a non-traditional approach. His favorite clients are “easy going, family oriented, fun and outgoing, like myself,” he shares. He also appreciates working with clients who put their trust in their vendors, himself included. “We’re professionals and we’re there to make their day spectacular.” 

“I really enjoy capturing moments as they unfold naturally. That’s what it’s about – the story and the details.” 


He also stresses how important it is to read and understand your contract and vet your vendors. “Ask questions if you don’t understand,” he advises. “Don’t just hire someone just because a friend recommended them. Make sure you have a rapport and genuine connection.” He also stresses to make sure that your vendors have insurance and find out how long they’ve been in business. “Reach out to them and speak personally.” 

Surprise proposal in New Orleans City Park | Photo by Capture Studio Photography

When working with Anthony you can expect him to be very hands-on during the planning process, working with you to make a timeline – especially for the earlier part of the day – to make sure things run smoothly. “We pay a lot of attention to details, both in the photos and in the service we provide,” he shares. “We’re in touch throughout the entire planning process…we’re not easy to get rid of!” he jokes. “We want our clients to be an integral part of our family.”


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Bride and groom kiss on their wedding day | Photo by Capture Studio Photography

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