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Sports Lovers – Inspiration in the Details

Two weeks ago, we explored some really clever ideas for incorporating a groom’s favorite sport or team into his groom’s cake. But what if a couple wants to take their mutual love of a sport a step further… how about five steps further? Can an elegant wedding at a beautiful New Orleans location, with guests decked out in their best, really be infused with a sport theme without becoming obtrusive? We asked some of our local experts for their favorite sport themed wedding ideas and we feel like, not only can it be done, but it can be done in a way that makes your beautiful wedding even more special and unique to you!


We’re not necessarily talking about designing your entire wedding around the colors of your favorite team… although a black and gold wedding would be absolutely gorgeous! What we are suggesting is that you can subtly layer some team color here and there. The groom’s/groomsmen’s attire, perhaps their bowties, socks or suspenders, is the perfect place to add some colorful team flair, according to Blakely Santos, of Belle Amour Weddings. Or, perhaps, the bride can wear a color themed garter.
If you have chosen an overall neutral wedding color scheme (think grey, white, black, cream), you could be a little bolder by adding team colored accents on the chairs, table decor, invitations or bouquets. Just make sure the colors flow nicely and that the design fits in with your venue and overall vision… the last thing you want to do is have your colors clash.

“The New Orleans Second Line Umbrellas are a wonderful addition to every wedding. Sports lovers can take the classic black and white set and change the feathers or paint colors to keep it beautiful, while adding a personal touch. No one says the bride and groom have to love the same team, so each person can get the colors that represent their favorite team, while still being unified as a couple. After all, that’s what love is all about! Celebrating our differences while standing together as a team.” – Buffy Perez (Gris Gris Art)




When Carol Sullivan of CW Designs showed us her sport themed wedding seating charts, we were cheering! What an incredibly fun idea! Carol can customize these seating charts to any sport/team you like.

PHOTOGRAPHER: Curren Photography


PHOTOGRAPHER: Carol Sullivan

Another great way to use your reception seating is to, “instead of table numbers, have cards on each table that say ‘SECTION 202, 203, etc'”… another great idea from Blakely at Belle Amour Weddings.

Now, we need to be a bit of a Debbie Downer because, some of us, have been there. We meet someone, we fall head over heels in love, and while planning the wedding we realize that they “like the wrong team.” Disaster right? So, what can you do? Nicole Hartman, from Lydia Noble Events, helped one of her couples with using the “bride side/groom side” at the wedding ceremony to show their different (sport) loyalties.

PHOTOGRAPHER: Noble Event’s team members


PHOTOGRAPHER: Noble Event’s team members

We have to admit… that is clever! And, perhaps, saved the marriage. Nice job Nicole!

Guest Table

The guest sign in table is a really neat place to let your fanaticism shine. Belle Amour Weddings’, Blakeley had some great thoughts! “Have baseballs for the guests to sign their names on as your guestbook… or a sport jersey.”

Favors and Wedding Party Gifts

Now, we feel that this might be one of the simplest and subtlest ways to incorporate your favorite sport or team into your wedding. You can honestly get as creative as you want here without any kind of distraction from the wedding itself. We asked Jasmine Griffin, from J Griffin Party Planning, for her advice and she scored big time!

Jasmine writes, “For bridesmaids: Getting custom jerseys created would be a fun and exciting keepsake for them! Set up a professional photo shoot at a local sports venue (football, baseball, basketball etc.) for the perfect backdrop. Each bridesmaid could have an individual number of your wedding date. For example, you four bridesmaids’ jersey numbers could be #10 #4 #20, and #19 for October 4, 2019.

Another wonderful and elegant idea that could be incorporated into a sports theme wedding could be beauitful miniature wine or champagne bottles for your reception. You can create custom themed sports labels that match your favorite team with a beautiful gold or silver football charm with ribbon.”

You can also give your guests sport themed cookies to take home, like these created by Jessica from Cookies by Design!

Cookies by Design | PHOTOGRAPHER: Jessica


Still looking for ideas? We’ve still got them!

Krystle Abalos, from Everly Event Planning & Design, shared:

“The most memorable and fun way a past Everly couple incorporated their favorite football team, the Saint’s (obviously!), was by surprising their guests with a mascot appearance. About halfway into their reception, the band began playing one of the team’s typical home game songs, “Stand Up and Get Crunk”, and the Mascot, Gumbo, ran into the reception and into the middle of the dance floor to dance with guests! At the same time, we had staff distribute black and gold pompoms to all of the guests. Being that the majority of the guests were local to New Orleans and also adored the Saint’s, this really kicked the party up a notch! Gumbo spent roughly 20-30 minutes interacting and taking pictures with the guests. It was definitely a super unique highlight of the wedding reception!”

PHOTOGRAPHER: Mark Eric Photography

And last, but not least, thanks to one of our readers, Grace Gunther, who told us about her wedding through our Bride Tribe newsletter submission, we can tell you about an idea that will make you and your partner feel like a true team. Instead of sparklers, rice or confetti, consider having your wedding guests shake team colored pom-poms as you, the couple, enter or exit your reception. Whoo, what a rush!


Photo Credit (main image): Studio Tran

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