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BEHIND THE CAMERA: Meet Wedding Photographer Hannah Herpin

Bride and groom portrait

“Very classic, very romantic….a little traditional,” is how Hannah Herpin describes her style. “I want my work to hold up and not be too dependent on trends or what’s popular. I want my work to look great in ten to twenty years,” she shares.

Hannah got started with her career in college, officially launching her business while a student at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Although she originally planned to be a graphic designer, she double majored in photography. “All my graphic design work was pretty photo heavy,” she shares and although she had already established her own business, after she graduated, she worked for ad agencies and a newspaper gaining further experience. Her business was fairly well established when she learned she was being laid off at the newspaper, so she decided it was time to put all her efforts into her own company.

Photographer Hannah Herpin
Photographer Hannah Herpin

Working with clients who value photography and make it a priority is something Hannah appreciates. “Someone who’s willing to give me enough time in the schedule or willing to do a first look so we can do portraits in the daylight and trust my expertise” are a match made in heaven for Hannah. “When they tell me, “‘You’ve done this. We trust you. What do you think we should do?,’” she knows it’s a great fit.

“I love couples who take their wedding photography seriously, as this is the heirloom they’re going to pass down to the next generation,” she says. “I love a traditional ceremony and working with clients who are organized and have a clean aesthetic; who are really into the family and emotional part of the day.” 

“I love couples who take their wedding photography seriously, as this is the heirloom they’re going to pass down to the next generation.”


For the best photos and experience, Hannah suggests getting creative with your timeline. “It is the best way to set yourself up for successful portraits,” Hannah shares. From moving the ceremony time up to take advantage of the best lighting to considering a sparkler entrance instead of an exit, there are things you can do to think outside the box for your timeline and get the best possible photos. “Really think about what’s important to you and how we can make it work,” she says.

Bridal portrait at Longvue House and Gardens

Another piece of advice she shares is to “pay a lot of attention to the location that you’re getting ready in. You really need to think of that as a third venue; so many pictures are taken there, so maybe consider how that location ties in to the overall aesthetic of the day.”

Great communication is something you can count on when working with Hannah. “My brides will realize we do a lot of communication leading up to the day. We meet in person or skype about your timeline and go hour by hour and do a questionnaire so that way on the day it’s very relaxed and very laid back; we get to be very in the moment and don’t have to scramble.”

Hannah encourages couples to meet their photographers halfway to set them up for success. “Give me enough time, enough communication, enough direction,” she says. “If we work together it will be that much easier and that much better.”


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