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STYLED SHOOT: An Imaginarium Elopement


[ ih-lohp-muhnt ]
noun 1. an act or instance of running off secretly, as to be married  //
Written by: Jessica Burke, NOW Weddings Publisher

If running away to get married sounds like a grand idea to you, then you might just fall head over heels for  this Lemony Snicket inspired styled shoot elopement at Lady Delaney’s Imaginarium on Magazine Street in New Orleans. This curious shop and events parlor is home, we hear, to ghosts, mysteries and more miniatures than you can shake a tiny stick at. With micro-weddings all the rage, we can’t think of a more perfect spot for two love birds to tie the knot.



PHOTOGRAPHY | CREATIVE DIRECTION | FLORALS | VEIL: Emily Martindale, Martindale Media Group

HAIR DESIGN: Gary Scorse

MAKEUP DESIGN: Midori Tajiri, Midori Stories

SWEETS: Lord of Meringues

CORSET: Dark Garden Corsetry

DRAGONFLY EARRINGS/RINGS: Ash Marquardt, Twiga Designs

BUTTERFLY EARRINGS: Century Girl Vintage

MODELS: Andrew Farrier + Gwendolyn Mann


Butterflies and meringue mushrooms.
They say the devil's in the details and we're just obsessed with the details of this styled elopement. Butterflies and meringue mushrooms (courtesy Lord of Meringues) are just some of the curiosities you'll discover at L. Delaney's Imaginarium.
Bride's bouquet with pink and orange roses and mushrooms mixed throughout!

No matter how big or small your wedding is, details, such as the mushrooms in this bridal bouquet echo’d by the mushroom meringues on the dessert table and the delicate butterflies peppered throughout the photos, will never not be charming. These detail motifs are like a signature for your event – add your own personal touch with elements that are meaningful to you.

Bridal corset
Back view of the bride's hair with butterflies
Bride wearing dragonfly earrings
Butterflies "land" in the bride's updo.
The bride wears a hat with flowers.

The groom caresses the bride's face.

PICTURE THIS: When you elope, everything is about the two of you and your love.

Slow down, gaze in each others’ eyes and make memories.

The couple pose for photos and look into each others' eyes
The couple embraces.
Ring exchange
The bride reads her vows.
The groom laughs as he reads his vows.
The happy couple hold hands.
A sweets table filled with light-as-air meringue treats
Even the smallest wedding should have a cake. (Is it really a wedding without one?) And how perfect is it that all the sweets for this whimsical elopement were lighter-than-air meringues?!
Meringue lollipops
Bride and groom each hold a mushroom meringue
A toasted meringue cake
Bride and groom pose with vintage-style masks from L. Delaney's Imaginarium

Remember to wear your masks y’all!

I will love you if I never see you again, and I will love you if I see you every Tuesday.

— Lemony Snicket

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