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Wedding Fashion: 2022 Bridal Fashion Trend Report

Ricca Sposa "Claiz"
Ricca Sposa "Claiz"
Ricca Sposa “Claiz”


curated by now creative director rena sweeney (alchemy events)

with trend commentary from new orleans bridal fashion expert jessica schulman of pearl’s place bridal


What a year this has been! We exited 2020 hoping for changes and while we got them, we’re all still living in this quasi-new state in 2021. Bridal fashion trends tend to move slowly and with yet another crazy year almost in the books, our fashion trends aren’t much different than the year itself has been.

Some designers decided not to put out new lines the last couple of years and others who did put out new seasons of gowns decided to double down on the elements they debuted for 2021 as the full effects of those trends weren’t really felt this year.

We are seeing some new trends specifically for 2022, though, and we’re excited to see these leave the runway and begin to show up in real weddings. So our report for 2022 might feel a bit reminiscent of our 2021 predictions, but make no mistake, designers are taking it to a new level.

In addition to the shift in sleeve styles we saw in 2021, we are also seeing a lot of leg as well as black accents appearing in 2022 collections! These exciting shifts are breathing new life into some of the most beloved styles of late.

If you know anything about me and my company, Alchemy Events (yes, I’m not always wearing my magazine Creative Director hat), you’ll know that I’m here for the drama! You probably won’t be surprised that one of my favorite trends is the new, big, dramatic (even ‘grazing the floor’ long) sleeves we’re seeing for 2022! The Galia Lahav signature cutout look is making its way through the industry and we’re also seeing visible corsets returning to bridal fashion.

90’s trends continue to make a strong comeback with everything from halter style to square necklines and that sleek “Calvin Klein chic” look that an entire generation of “Friends” lovers associated Jennifer Aniston with. While pearls were already starting to come back into fashion, we are really seeing a lot of designers lean into this trend with everything from pearl accents to fully blown pearls scattered across the entire gown.

Being able to transition a gown via detachable elements is one that feels particularly suited for us here in the Gulf South also, since you can be more demure for the ceremony and then go to your reception and really let loose. Swap out those long sleeves for spaghetti straps or take off that huge overskirt, show some leg and get ready to party! We’re here for it!

The one trend we’re starting to see but are hoping to see more of, you ask? A gorgeous glittered geometric “mesh” fabric. Some designers are calling it a “waffle pattern.” This fabric gives flow with structure, something gorgeous and a bit sheer with a hint of shimmer.  It’s definitely something we’d love to see other designers embrace in the coming years.

-Rena Sweeney, NOW Creative Director

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