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Bride and Groom second line umbrellas with fleur de lis motif by Second-line Handkerchiefs
Second line umbrellas with feathers by Second-line Handkerchiefs
Second line handkerchiefs by Second-line Handkerchiefs
Fleur de Lis handkerchiefs by Second-line Handkerchiefs
Embroidered Burlap wine bag by Second-line Handkerchiefs
Custom embroidered wedding handkerchiefs by Second-line Handkerchiefs
Second-line Handkerchiefs logo

Second-line Handkerchief focuses on wedding and special events printing including handkerchiefs and decorated umbrellas. We are located in Mandeville, Louisiana and have been in operation since 2015. Our printing is done with our 8 head automatic screen printing press. Our dedicated employees decorate and print our umbrellas here at our commercial facility.  

Printing and embroidering t-shirts for bridal parties and family groups is an everyday job at our factory.

Our goal is to please and make sure every customer is satisfied. 

We help make that special day even more fun and memorable!

Contact Information

Address: 1960 Surgi Drive, Mandeville, LA 70448

Phone: (985) 231-7789



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