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cajun ballroom at the swamp exhibit

A bride walks down the aisle at the Cajun Ballroom at the Swap Exhibit in Audubon Zoo. Photo: Caitlin B Photography
Photo: Caitlin B Photography
First dance in the Cajun Ballroom. Photo: Caitlin B Photography
A bride and groom pose with guests outdoors at the Cajun Ballroom. Photo: Lauren Carroll Photography
The Cajun Ballroom set for a wedding reception. Photo: Audubon Special Events
A wedding second line at the Cajun Ballroom. Photo: Lauren Carroll Photography

For a more unconventional and relaxed event, our Cajun Ballroom nestled at the heart of the Louisiana swamp exhibit, offers a rootsy but elegant dance hall. The Louisiana Swamp Exhibit at Audubon Zoo transports you down the bayou and introduces you to the creatures and rich history of this region. This venue is perfect for rehearsal dinners, weddings and receptions, and offers free parking.The Cajun Ballroom can hold up to 800 people. For inquiries about the Cajun Ballroom contact our event experts at (504) 212-5301 or visit our website.

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